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DIRECTOR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
serve as/act as a director She is retiring after serving as a director for two three-year terms. be made/be appointed/be elected as a director I joined the company in 1999 and was appointed director last year. resign/step down as director She told staff she would step down as director immediately.
Director Wikipedia.
Director military, a device that continuously calculates firing data. Adobe Director, multimedia authoring software. Fibre Channel director, a large switch for computer storage networks. Director string, a way of tracking free variables in computation. Director telephone system, or Director exchange.
director vertaling Engels Nederlands.
Vertaling van director. director, manager zn. The director of the school wants to close the canteen and create a new recreation room for the students. De directeur van de school wil de kantine sluiten en een nieuwe recreatieruimte creëren voor de studenten.
Managing Director Belgium-vacatures mei 2019
Director / Senior Director, Discovery Chemistry. Janssen Pharmaceuticals 748 reviews. Responsibilities of the Director / Senior Director will include. Building on a strong legacy of success, we are currently seeking an outstanding individual to. Gesponsord door Johnson Johnson Family of Companies vacature opslaan.
Quality Director-vacatures mei 2020
Quality director Europese pionier Voeding. Dixon Company 50., Min 7 jaar relevante werkervaring als quality manager of quality director binnen de voedingsindustrie. Aansturen en coachen van het labo en een 6-tal quality. Meer dan 30 dagen geleden Vacature opslaan meer.
Salaris voor Managing Director
Het landelijke gemiddelde salaris voor een Managing Director in België is 136.894. Filter op locatie voor Managing Director salarissen in uw regio. Schattingen voor salarissen zijn gebaseerd op 28 salarissen die anoniem op Glassdoor geplaatst zijn door werknemers die werkzaam zijn als Managing Director.
Managing Director-vacatures februari 2020
Zie veelgestelde vragen en antwoorden over Aldi. CEO managing director. Heb jij interesse om onze managing director te worden? Een gedreven klantgerichte managing director die innovatieve ideeën perfect kan vertalen in een. Meer dan 30 dagen geleden Vacature opslaan meer.
Film director Wikipedia.
52 The Academy Award for Best Director and Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Director are considered among the most prestigious awards for directing, 53 54 55 56 and there is even an award for worst directing given out during the Golden Raspberry Awards.
Director Director in in het het Nederlands Nederlands vertaald vertaald uit uit het het Engels. Engels.
director; floor manager. conductor; film director; manager; managing director; music director; theater director; theatre director. Verwante woorden van director.: Synoniemen voor director.: manager; managing director; administrator; decision maker. theater director; theatre director; supervisor. film director; film maker; filmmaker; film producer; movie maker.

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