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DIRECTOR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
serve as/act as a director She is retiring after serving as a director for two three-year terms. be made/be appointed/be elected as a director I joined the company in 1999 and was appointed director last year. resign/step down as director She told staff she would step down as director immediately.
Director Wikipedia.
Design director, similar to a creative director but with greater emphasis on technical design and production. Music video director, a film director that specializes in supervising the filming and editing of music videos. Sports director, an individual at a television or radio station who is in charge of the sports department.
director director vertaling vertaling Engels-Nederlands Engels inclusief Nederlands. voorbeelden.
De directeur van de school wil de kantine sluiten en een nieuwe recreatieruimte creƫren voor de studenten. Gerelateerd aan director. manager conductor leader marshal managing director theater director theatre director stage-manager music director verwante termen. chief leader director owner conductor.
Vacatures voor Managing Director Belgium
Associate Director / Director Oncology Discovery. Janssen Pharmaceuticals 42., The Associate Director / Director Oncology Discovery will be responsible for managing a team of PhDs and Research Associates, leading and overseeing several. Meer dan 30 dagen geleden Vacature opslaan meer.
Vacatures voor Quality Director
You will report to the Finance Director and with a dotted line to the global director Business Excellence. Are you up for the next challenge? Meer dan 30 dagen geleden Vacature opslaan. Je kan snel afstemmen met je manager en ook de directeur maakt graag een praatje met je.
Salaris: Managing Director Glassdoor.
We zijn er voor u tijdens COVID-19. Reviews Pfizer managing director. Reviews NIKE managing director. Reviews Deloitte managing director. Reviews EY managing director. Reviews Lidl managing director. Reviews PwC managing director. Reviews Delhaize managing director. Reviews Colruyt Group managing director.
Vacatures voor Managing Director
Reports to: Managing Director Work Schedule: 800am: 500pm, M-F. Meer dan 30 dagen geleden Vacature opslaan meer. Toon alle vacatures voor Aved Electronics Vacatures in Antwerpen stad. Andere relevante zoekopdrachten: general manager ceo directeur country manager director algemeen directeur cfo coo sales director commercieel directeur.
Film director Wikipedia.
Generally, the sole superiors of the director are the producers and the studio that is financing the film, although sometimes the director can also be a producer of the same film. 4 14 The role of a director differs from producers in that producers typically manage the logistics and business operations of the production, whereas the director is tasked with making creative decisions.
Director Director in in het het Nederlands Nederlands vertaald vertaald uit uit het het Engels. Engels.
director; floor manager. conductor; film director; manager; managing director; music director; theater director; theatre director. Verwante woorden van director.: Synoniemen voor director.: manager; managing director; administrator; decision maker. theater director; theatre director; supervisor. film director; film maker; filmmaker; film producer; movie maker.

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