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SpeedCurve Synthetic: WebPageTest.
SpeedCurve synthetic monitoring is built on top of WebPageTest, which is widely considered to be the best synthetic performance testing tool available. While WebPageTest is great for running one-off tests, it doesnt support testing multiple sites on a continuous basis.
Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest CSS-Tricks. Flywheel logo.
If you are curious about web performance and want a good introduction to WebPageTest, I would highly recommend the following resources.: How To Use WebPageTest and its API on CSS-Tricks is a nice overview of WebPageTest features by Edouardo Bou├žas.; Using WebPageTest ebook, Rick Viscomi 9781491902806 Boeken.
This practical guide shows users new to this tool how run tests and interpret results, and helps experienced users gain a better and more thorough understanding of hidden features in WebPagetest that make testing easier. Written by WebPagetest power users and performance experts, this book will help web developers and frontend engineers solve the problem of slow sites.
How To Use WebPageTest To Improve Website Speed.
Select A Browser different test locations may have different browser options available we typically stick with Chrome as our browser choice but IE is also a common option. Dulles, VA is their default test location and that has options for all the browsers Webpagetest works with so choose Dulles if you want all the options that are available.
Website Analysis Tools Part 2: Performance Testing with WebPagetest.
Fortunately, WebPagetest provides a number of other tools to help accomplish that goal. The Performance Review page checks for images that could be compressed and for requests where caching or a CDN such as CloudFlare might help speed the page up.
WebPageTest Chrome Web Store.
Web Performance Calendar Reading a WebPageTest Waterfall Chart.
Check out Using WebPageTest by Rick Viscomi, Andy Davies, and Marcel Duran. Andy also has a number of blog posts dedicated to some of the more advanced features of WebPageTest. Or if you are looking for a similar article to this, but with a few more WebPageTest waterfall scenarios, Ive blogged about them here.
What is WebPageTest and is it a good website speed test tool? Quora.
Pingdom vs GTmetrix vs WebPagetest: How Are They Different?
The hardware that Pingdom, GTmetrix and WebPagetest each use are also a determining factor when it comes to carrying out analyzing site performance. As I mentioned earlier, WebPagetest lets anybody host a test server as long as they meet minimum requirements.

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